TREKK AdvantEdge Espresso Energy Shot Gel 35g

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TREKK AdvantEdge Espresso Energy Shot Gel is an advanced formula with three different sugar sources to ensure sustained energy levels for at least 30-45 minutes. This gel has been designed specifically for ensuring highest levels of focus and concentration during the last stages of the event when you hit the wall. Added 500mg BCAA ensures speedier recovery. Caffeine and Taurine ensure highest levels of focus and concentration when you need it the most. 



A healthy alternative to intra-workout drinks available in six nostalgic flavors 

Added Caffeine and Taurine ensures attention and concentration. Trekk gels provide instant energy boosts that enable you to perform better for a longer duration of time. Trekk gels are easy on the stomach and ensure that you do not experience cramps or bloating when engaging in any type of physical exercise.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing gels for long run and races... Loved the test and decided to use same in NDM marathon.. It's one of best and cheap gels athletes can use.

aditya phatak

Used it for Mumbai Marathon 21km! It works! A big time buy of you are running long marathons!

Yash Bijam
Trekk AdvantEdge Series

I tried Trekk Advantedge series (Espresso) in my recent race, I ran full marathon at TMM 2023 & trekk gels really work well for me. I have tried many of energy gels but something interesting I found about trekk is, I got instant boost after consuming gel within a minute and than any other gels this gels last for upto 35-40 mins whereas other gels last for only 20-25 mins. Not just that but trekk gels are very easy to carry, I also use this gels in my speed training sessions also, also they are not so expensive.

Trekk Gels are the best !

I am a long distance runner / endurance runner from Goa. I use Trekk gels. I found them to be better than FAST UP. Other than the expresso the spearmint and lemon are very good tasting gels. They almost very close to GU gels however GU gels are way to expensive. Trekk Gels combine the right combo for endurance when it comes to price point and energy boost for mountain runners, cyclist and beach runners that do 21km to 42km as well cycling 200km endurance. I have used them as recommend and it has done wonders in my pace in both - cycling and running. I highly recommend this to marathon runners and cyclist.

Thank you for the kind words Robert, we appreciate your support and love for the Trekk Gels.

Love Trekk Bars & Gels

Love Trekk gels ,I am an Ironman Triathlete using these for more than last 3 months and they have never let me down. Such a great fuel for training TRIATHLONS/MARATHONS/LONG DISTANCE CYCLING or MARATHON SWIMMIMG.

Bottom LIne: AS A COACH ,Highly recommend this product.